CreteBeater® - Concrete Remover 10 Litre

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CreteBeater® - Concrete Remover 10 Litre

Concrete Remover

CreteBeater® is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly liquid for removing concrete and cement from tools, equipment, machinery and other surfaces.

Our concrete remover CreteBeater is designed exclusively to clean concrete construction equipment and does not contain any Muriatic, Phosphoric or Citric acids and is, therefore, non-corrosive. It is safe to use on painted surfaces, aluminium, glass and rubber. It is safe for both human handling and for the environment. The concrete remover is biologically degradable and can be discarded in the normal sewage system (EAK 17 09 04).

CreteBeater dissolves concrete by breaking down the bond of cement, making concrete layers bubble up and release from the surface.

Use CreteBeater to clean cement equipment, ready-mixers and pump trucks, mixers and hand tools. It is harmless to aluminium, painted surfaces, glass and rubber and can be used to remove concrete from almost any surface.

Sizes available

CreteBeater is delivered in 25 litre containers, 200 litre drum or 1,000 litres IBC. For application, we recommend using a pressure foamer.